Fines and Appeals


In fairness to all library users Texas A&M Libraries charge fines for late and lost items. Fines begin accruing immediately after the item's due date. If the item is not returned it will eventually be marked as lost and a maximum fine is applied to the borrower's account. The maximum fine will also include a processing fee and a cost for replacing the item. If the item is returned at a later date the original borrower is still responsible for the full amount of the overdue fine and the processing fee but not the replacement cost of the item. Once a borrower has accrued USD 75 or more in fines their account will be blocked until all fines are paid.

Fine Rates

Item Type Fine Rates* Maximum
14 day Loans (e.g. DVDs, Magazines) 1 USD per day 50 USD
1 day Loans (e.g. Headphones, Text Books)  3 USD per day 150 USD
Recalled Items 3 USD per day 150 USD
Items lost/not returned Replacement Cost None
* Fines for items from College Station may be at different rates.

Payment of Fines

By Credit Card By Cash
- Fastest method. - Email to request invoice.
- Pay online in USD. - Take invoice to Business Operations to pay it.
- 1 business day turnaround to update account(s). - Email or bring the receipt in person to the Library.
- 1 business week turnaround to update account(s).

Appealing Fines

If you believe for some reason that your fine is not justified you can appeal using the online form. Due consideration will be given to all appeals. For any fine to be waived or forgiven the online form must first be completed.

Notification Emails

Faculty, Students & Staff All Others
- Sent for all overdues and fines. - Sent for all overdues and fines.
- Sent to your email address i.e. not your address. - Sent to email address provided upon enrollment.
- Redirect your email address at Aggie Account Gateway. - The onus is upon the borrower to ensure the Library always has a current email address.
- We also strongly recommend you regularly check your Library Record online. - We also strongly recommend you regularly check your Library Record online.

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