Checkout Privileges & Loan Periods


The Library creates an account in our system to give you access to our physical collection. To determine if you already have an account you can log into “MyLibrary”. If you do not have an account or if your account is blocked, please email TAMUQ Library providing your Full Name, UIN, Status, NetID, and contract end date.

StatusProcessI.D.Done within 1 week of...
Students* Automatic TAMU/Q Enrollment
Faculty Automatic TAMU/Q Payroll setup
Staff - BPP Automatic TAMU/Q Payroll setup
Staff - Local payroll Manual TAMU/Q Contacting TAMUQ Library
Community, QF, Alumni** Manual Qatar ID Contacting TAMUQ Library
ILL Libraries Manual Letter

Memorandum of Understanding

Loan Periods

Item TypeStudents*Faculty
& Staff
ILL LibrariesAll Others**
Regular Print Collection 4 months 1 year 2 weeks 2 weeks
Text Books & Reference Books 1 day 1 day not lent 1 day
Reserve Items (e.g. Headphones, Calculators) 1 day 1 day not lent 1 day
DVDs & Magazines 2 weeks 2 weeks not lent 2 weeks
eReaders, iPads & Samsung Tablets 2 weeks 2 weeks not lent not lent
Total items borrowable 100 100 100 5
Renewals Allowed (General collection only) 6 99 2 2

* Must be enrolled in current semester. For Freshmen it will be the first day of TAMU classes. Note: Students who are also working for TAMU/Q in student employment roles are considered students for library services. 

** TAMUQ Library distinguishes between 3 types of "Courtesy" borrower: Alumni, Qatar Foundation & Community. All borrower types must be residents of Qatar and be 18 years of age or over. For each verification of current status is required. For Community members (those who are neither Alumni nor QF) a refundable QAR600 deposit is also required.

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