Items that have been borrowed from the Library can normally have the loan period extended beyond the due date by renewing online here. The amount of times an item can be renewed depends on item type and borrower type. If an item is not renewed and is returned after the due date it may be subject to fines. If an item has reached the maximum number of renewals it should be returned to the library. Once returned to the library it may be able to be borrowed again if it is not wanted by anyone else.

Number of online renewals allowed by item type \ borrower type

Item Type\Borrower TypeStudentsFaculty
& Staff
All Others
Regular Print Collection 6 99 2
Text Books & Reference Books 1 1 1
Reserve Items (e.g. Headphones, Calculators) 1 1
DVDs & Magazines 1 1 1
eReaders, iPads & Samsung Tablets 1 1 not lent

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